About us

We are a passionate professionals who dedicate their commitment and creativity to ensure that the product not only meets but exceeds expectations. 

Our group of talented individuals brings together diverse skills and a shared passion for excellence, working day after day to bring innovation and value to our users.

Francesco Santoro, CEO

Founder, is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer at Dicom Vision.

Francesco, graduate​d in Business & Administration at University of Rome “La Sapienza”, has been the angel investor in 2020 of Dicom Vision, year of foundation of the company. Today, Francesco is recognized as an industry expert in medical devices with a great knowledge

of the public health sector. 

Daniele Ciriello, CTO 

Founder and board member, Chief Technology Officer of DICOM Vision. With an MSc in Computer Engineering, he brings a rich blend of experience in Software Engineering and Deep Learning. At DICOM Vision, he spearheads the design and development of the backend core features, ensuring innovation and efficiency. 


Simone Manini, COO

Founder and board member, also serves as the Chief Operating Officer of the company. As an IT engineer with a strong expertise in developing medical imaging web applications. His primary focus lies in technical project management, where he oversees the efficient execution of projects, ensuring they meet both technical requirements and business objectives.

Mattia Ronzoni, QAM

Founder and board member. MSc in Biomedical Engineering, he has extensive experience in medical software development and project management, having participated in the development of more than 10 software in medical imaging and image analysis . Thanks to his past experience in companies in the medical device sector, he also holds the position of Quality Assu rance manager .

Alessandro Re, HRM

Founder and board member. PhD and MSc in Computer Science, he has extensive experience in Software Engineering and Machine Learning. In DICOM Vision, he is providing support in different areas, both technical and non-technical. In particular, he’s focused on HR and building a great team.

Alessandro Incognito, Business Manager

MSc Engineer in Industrial and Product Design, Founder and President of XC Engineering Srl, an engineering company founded in 2002, with over 20 years of experience as CEO and Business.

Giulio Panizzoni, FED

Giulio, with a degree in Bioengineering, is Software Developer and Frontend Engineer at DICOMVision. He brings significant experience in software development for Health Information Systems. His expertise extends to working on Medical Imaging, web front-end development, and innovation in information visualization.

Alfredo Toselli, FSD

Alfredo is a Backend Engineer for Dicom Vision and plays a crucial role in the development and maintenance of the server-side architecture of software solutions, focusing on the creation, management, and optimization of databases, applications, and API interfaces that support the front-end.

DICOM Vision

The Smart Cloud Platform for Medical Imaging.

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